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Posted on January 11, 2014 by admin

“I can’t foster I would get too attached and it would be too hard to let them go.”

The above statement is something we hear a lot.  This is something that I understand and have experienced too.  It is not easy to form a bond and let go. I know there are many amazing potential fosterers out there who would love to take on a cat, but hold back due to this worry. We are desperate for fostering so I ask you to consider the following when you decide fostering is too hard.


  1. The kitten or cat you take in to look after would most likely die without you or be put to sleep as there is nowhere for them to go
  2. By taking this cat in, you are also helping them to gain trust and much needed love to prepare them for their forever home.
  3. Some cats need to learn that humans are ok and can love them, as they have not had much experience of that so far.
  4. Some cats are sick and run down and need help coming back to themselves before we home them. But they do not need to be put to sleep.
  5. Yes you will get attached.  We hope that you do bond, as that means you are the perfect fosterer for this cat or kitten. You will give it much needed unconditional love and devotion.
  6. When it comes to saying goodbye to your foster, remember, we as a rescue have sourced the best home we can and the family have been home checked.
  7. We never just suit the families.  We always put the cat first and make sure we have suited them in the home we let them go to.
  8. By you fostering you get to know the cat and help us find the best home we can. You learn what they like and dislike. Are they good with children, do they like dogs and much more. So we have a lot of valuable knowledge when homing them and it will be their forever home in most cases.
  9. Those uncomfortable feelings we feel letting go will subside and that void will be filled again by another needy cat or kitten if you want it to be.

The sadness we feel can be balanced with the joy the new family have when their kitten or cat arrive. They are alive now because we loved them for a short time. This is a lifetime to them.

It gets easier to say goodbye.  Not because you become hardened and get use to it. No way!! But because you begin to realise the amazing work you are doing for these cats. You know they are having the life they deserve because of you. You saved them.

You are their Hero!


If you wish to foster please email

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