If you would like to foster for us, please fill out this Foster Application  and email it back to

Please note we do Home visits for all potential fosters. 

Could you foster a cat or kitten?

Fosterers are people who work voluntarily for a rescue, but who look after the cat at their home, until a suitable permanent home can be found. At Lucky’s Cat Rescue we urgently need more fosterers to provide safe and secure temporary homes for our furry friends. We are a small network of volunteers who rely on the kindness of people to foster the cats until they can be permanently homed.

What Our Cats Need From Fosterers

  • The qualities of a good fosterer are: patience, understanding, and unconditional love
  • A secure indoor space – foster cats are kept indoors so that they don’t get lost in new locations.
  • Some knowledge about cats – ideally you will have cats or had cats previously.
  • If fostering feral kittens you will need to be willing to do a lot of handling so that they can be socialised to humans.

What We Will Provide

  • A home visit to meet you and your family
  • Phone support 24/7 when you have one of our kittens or cats
  • Food, litter and litter trays for the duration of the foster care – dependent on donations – although if you can cover some of these yourself that would be wonderful!
  • Vet cover through our own vet for the duration of the foster care

Fostering FAQs

Can I choose my own foster cat?

Unfortunately it’s not always possible to allow people to choose which cats or kittens they would like to foster as some animals might be in more desperate situations than others. We generally prioritise fostering for the worst off kittens and cats and would request that fosterers be as flexible as possible in this regard.

I take several holidays a year. As I am often away I have resisted getting a pet although I would love one. Can I foster?

Yes you can still foster. In fact, fostering will probably suit you better than permanent adoption as most fostering is short term. Properly coordinated with us, you can have the joy of having a pet for company when you are home.

I am elderly but mobile and I would love a cat, but I’m concerned that it would outlive me and that I might be unable to care for it in years to come. Can I foster?

Yes you can still foster. Fostering can be short term or longer term. We can find a suitable cat to fit your lifestyle for as long as you are able to care for the cat.

I am a parent with several small children. My children would love a kitten but I’m concerned that they might be too young. Can I foster?

We recommend that your children should be at least 3 years of age before you consider fostering a kitten. This is simply so that they can understand how the kitten should be handled and that it can’t be let outside. You may also consider that your children may become attached to the kitten and it may be difficult for them to accept when a permanent home for it is found.

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