So you are thinking of adopting a rescue cat. We and the cats like you already.

Please email if interested in adopting any of our cats and kittens.

There are so many good reasons for you to adopt a rescue cat. We have so many lovely furries in need of a good home who will make wonderful pets. All our cats are vet checked and in great health going to their new homes. We operate a no-kill policy and we never put a healthy animal down. We’re lucky enough to have wonderful emergency and long-term fosterers, but adoption is of course the best outcome for our cats and kittens.

Home Checks

We carry out home checks for all potential adoptions. If you are thinking of adopting from us we will visit your home in advance to meet with you and have a chat. Here at Lucky’s Cat Rescue we put a lot of time into our cats and kittens and our duty of care. The most important item on the agenda is finding them a good home.

Thank you for considering one of our cats for adoption. The following is a list of what you will need to know for your new friend:

Adoption Checklist

Will you be able to cover Vet bills?

Have you sourced your local Vet and got an idea of prices for vaccines etc? The good news is that Lucky’s Cat Rescue will provide low cost neutering or spaying for your kitten. Although cats are not high maintenance as a pet, they may develop health problems or have an accident. It is a good idea to insure your cat but not a condition of adoption from us.

Do you have another cat or animal ?

That’s no problem but it takes at least a month for cats to adjust to new faces. You will not be able to leave your new cat alone with other animals unsupervised for a few weeks. We ask people to give it at least a month before deciding its not working out. We will take cats back no problem so don’t panic.

Will your new cat be an outdoor or indoor cat?

If you are going to let your cat out for a roam you will need to keep him or her in for the first month at least. This is so they can relocate themselves to your home and settle in. That means when you let them out they will come back. Also we would ask that you don’t let your cats out at night. The can get in to fights with feral cats and other animals and can be killed or badly injured. If you are having an indoor cat that’s OK too. Cats can live quite happily indoors also. Overall we don’t recommend letting your cat out before it is neutered regardless of whether it’s male or female. Cats can get pregnant as young as 5 months old. Males wonder off for days when there not neutered and may not make it back.

Do you have all you need?

You will need a litter tray, cat litter and scratching post if you want to keep your furniture in good condition. They love to scratch. Have you toys to keep them entertained? Luckily cats love anything that moves. Bottle tops, string, small balls and the inserts from toilet paper. So don’t worry about spending lots of money.

Will you use a cat collar?

If so please make sure it is a release one. This means if it gets caught in anything it releases immediately so they don’t choke – and they will get caught in things! Your lovely furry may well come back without his collar so do consider micro-chipping also.

Are you adopting a Kitten?

Please note that kittens scratch and bite when the play. So be prepared for some scratches. Also if you have children make sure they understand this so they don’t get upset or frightened. Kittens grow out of this when they stop teething but cats will always scratch a little when playing. Also we dont adopt cats or kittens out to families with children under the age of 3 years old.

Are you living in rented accommodation?

If so you will need to seek permission from your landlord which we will require proof of.  You must have a longterm lease for us to adopt a cat out.  If you don’t have a lease you must be living there for at least 2 years or more.

Where do you live?

If you live on a main road and will be letting your cat out this is not safe for them. To many cats die on the roads. We will not adopt out in these circumstances.

Is there someone at home during the day?

Although cats are quite independent and can be left for long periods of time we would not adopt a kitten out to a home where there is no one there all day long. It is unfair on the kitten as it needs company. We would also have reservations of adopting older cats out if they will have very little human contact. So if you work very long hours please remember this.

Special Needs Cats

From time to time we have cats with special needs. This its not a big deal and we know cats with special needs make great pets too. We always disclose all information on our cats.

We are Here to Help

Cats make great pets. They are independent and don’t need you there all the time. But they also love to see you. So its a win-win situation. Lucky’s is here to support you even after you adopt from us. You can call or email us when every you need too. Don’t worry – there are never silly questions! We would rather you asked us. Your cats will thank you for it too . >”<

Still interested in adopting? View our wonderful cats and kitties here.

Please note that our cats are homed in the best home suited to their needs. We do not work on a first come first served basis. If you wish to adopt please fill out the questionnaire provided and send it back to us. If you are suitable to adopt we will than arrange a home visit with a volunteer. If you are home approved you will be notified the day after the home visit.



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