Trap Neuter Return – TNR


Trap Neuter Return also know as TNR, is a humane and effective way of helping reduce the population of feral cats.

The process involves trapping the cats using a humane Cat Trap.  Having them neutered and ear tipped. Ear tipping is necessary for identification so that they will not be trapped again. Cats Friends will also treat them for any other issues they may have. They are than released back to where they came from.


If you notice a feral cat with young kittens please get in touch. In a lot of cases we can help tame these babies down and rehome them. The younger the better. Feral kittens have a high mortality rate due to a number of factors. They can Die from Cat Flu untreated or can be taking by foxes.  These are only a couple of examples. We do all we can to help kittens and see them have a good life. So please if you see any we will neuter the mother and rehome the kittens where possible.

Renting Cat Traps

We are happy to rent Cat Traps to people who wish to try and catch Feral Cats for TNR. We do have conditions for this. You must pay a 60 Euro Deposit, half of which you will get back when you return the trap to us on the date agreed.  The other half goes towards the rescue cost for neutering etc. If you need the trap longer you must make contact with us to see if this is possible. We have a limited number of Traps so it is important to work with us on this.

If you need help with any feral Cats please contact us on 086-1669977 we are happy to help you to Trap Neuter and Return these furry friends if we have traps and volunteers available. You can also post and share information on the following pages to find help in your area.  This is a good source for seeking help for all feral cats in Dublin and surrounding areas.






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