About Us


Our Mission is to help as many cats and kittens as possible on a daily basis. We aim to trap neuter and return (TNR) as many feral cats as we can. But on a ongoing basis we strive to support cats and kittens both domestic and feral in getting the life they so deserve. We believe the life of all cats are equally important  mixed breed (moggie), feral and pedigree. There is no difference to us. We will make the same efforts for all cats that need us. We Believe “Every Moggie Matters” and this has become our motto.

Lucky’s Cat Rescue is a non-profit volunteer based rescue. Our volunteers are dedicated animal lovers with great experience in the care of cats and kittens. We consult qualified vets regularly for guidance. Our volunteers work in their spare time to keep the rescue going. We are a foster-home based rescue and all our cats and kittens live with kind and loving families until they find their forever home.

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