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Hi All!!!My name is Lucky. In July 2013 I was a very sick boy wandering around Newcastle in Dublin. I spotted a very healthy cat and followed him to a house where a lovely lady and her friend spotted me. Lucky for me they were cat rescue volunteers and they took me straight to a vet. I was neutered, wormed and treated for fleas and the lovely lady who owned the house brought me home with her. She was so nice, she fed me chicken and this hard food and I wasn’t hungry anymore. Unfortunately, because I had been wandering unneutered for so long, I tested positive for two feline viruses called FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) These viruses attack the immune system and cause secondary infections and problems. I had a chronic respiratory infection and gingivitis which are both caused by the viruses. As soon as my fosterer found out she got talking to a lady who said to bring me to a local vet who was very knowledgeable about these issues. Thankfully she did and Paddy in Beaufield Veterinary Centre in Celbridge gave me some medication which kept me quite comfortable and some of the symptoms at bay. I had a fabulous 3 years in foster. I played with my fosterer and her cats and I liked to look out for the newbies coming in so they weren’t so scared before they got their own forever home. I liked meeting people that came to the house, they all said I was very handsome and of course a fellow likes to hear these things!

In May of 2016 my fosterer noticed I wasn’t eating and brought me back to Paddy, Unfortunately it was to be my last time at home because the FeLV had finally caused a massive tumour in my kidney and it was time for my fosterer to help me to Rainbow Bridge. I’m not in any pain now and I’m so glad I got 3 fantastic years in foster. I learned what it was like to be loved and my fosterer says I gave alot of love too. While you may be sad that I’m at Rainbow Bridge now instead of at home don’t be. See, I’m the reason for the name of the new rescue. The rescue was called Cats Friends Rescue when it rescued me and covered my vet bills, but the lady who started that rescue needed to step down. When my fosterer offered to take over apparently there was only one option for a new name! So now every cat and kitten that is taken off the streets and given a new and happy life will one of “The Luckys” There are some fantastic volunteers helping out in my name, I met alot of them during my time in foster. They all have jobs, families and pets of their own, but they still take the time to help the ones who don’t have anyone else. You can help too by sharing cats and kittens needing homes or just educating people about spaying and neutering their pets and not adding to the overpopulation.

Thank you for reading my story, please let others know about our rescue and the wonderful cats and kittens waiting for a furever home 🙂

Handsome Lucky

Handsome Lucky

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